Free access to special issue of Human Relations journal on “Understanding job quality”

The latest issue of the academic journal Human Relations (Vol. 66, No. 4) is a special issue on the topic of “Understanding job quality.” The issue was guest edited by sociologists Patricia Findlay, Arne L Kalleberg and our own regular blog contributor, Chris Warhurst. The publisher, SAGE, has made the issue Free to the public until April 23, 2013. The full issue can be accessed here.

The special issue includes an intro by Findlay, Kalleberg and Warhurst, and additional articles on:

Direct participation at work among British workers by Duncan Gallie

Variation in job quality across Europe by David Holman

Rural work in Newfoundland and Ireland by Gordon B Cooke, Jimmy Donaghey, and Isik U Zeytinoglu

The extent to which North American workers are  working full-time, contract, or part-time by choice or not by Catherine Loughlin and Robert Murray

Job quality for university graduates in the UK by Belgin Okay-Somerville and Dora Scholarios

The growth of bad jobs in the US by Matt Vidal

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