Get Involved with the OOWBlog!

It’s been just over one month since we launched and we’re tremendously happy with the response to the blog so far. We hope that you, our readers, have enjoyed reading the posts as much as we have. We’d like to take a moment to share with you some of the ways that you can participate with us in on our blog.

1. Follow Us
When we launched last month, we simultaneously opened a Twitter account (@Orgs_Occs_Work) to help get the word out about our posts. Since then, we have added a Facebook page as well as the ability to subscribe to via email. If you subscribe, you’ll receive an email every time a new post goes up. We’re also announcing new posts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as sharing links to new stories and other articles. Finally, you can follow us via RSS feed through Google Reader or the RSS reader of your choice. You can find links to all four of these options on the righthand sidebar of our blog. Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

2. Comment
At the bottom of each post, you will find a place to leave a comment on the post. You may leave comments for us or respond to other commenters. Commenting gives you the chance to respond to our authors and others, and continue the discussion that we’re contributing to. The more you participate, the better the conversation!

3. Share
At the bottom of each post, you will find links that allow you to re-blog us easily on WordPress and to email copies of our posts to others who you think may find us interesting.

We’ve also made it easy for you to share our posts across a variety of social media platforms. Included are the standard social media services (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) as well as a number of services designed for sharing blog posts and news articles (Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Digg). Share us widely and often!

4. Write
We welcome all members of our community to submit story ideas to our editorial team. Get in touch with any of us to share your thoughts and propose a story!

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