Top 10 most viewed posts of 2015

We had another great year at Work in Progress and are delighted to see our readership continuing to rise substantially through the end of our fourth year. Our inaugural post went live on Oct 12, 2011. Our number of annual unique viewers — which are in the tens of thousands — increased 50% from 2013 to 2014, and an additional 30% from 2014-15. Not bad for a sociology blog from an American Sociological Association section with around 800 members!

Here are the top 10 most viewed post from 2015, beginning with the most viewed article and listed in descending order. Enjoy and have a great new year!

1) Early Childhood Education: No Place for Men? | Lata Murti

2) Canaries in the Coal Mine? Saida Grundy, Zandria Robinson, and Why Calls for their Firing are a Problem for Everyone | Adia Harvey Wingfield

3) Fixing the bad jobs economy | Herbert J Gans

4) Reframing Gender Equality: Explaining the Stalled Gender Revolution | David Cotter, Joan Hermsen & Reeve Vanneman

5) Flirking (Flirting at Work to Get Ahead): Why Some Women Do It | Julie Kmec

6) Citations are not enough: Academic promotion panels must take into account a scholar’s presence in popular media | Asit Biswas and Julian Kirchherr

7) Sociology versus Individualism | Jeremy Reynolds

8) Stand up and Be Counted: Why social science should stop using the qualitative / quantitative dichotomy | Howard Aldrich

9) A Luddite, An Economist and a Marxist Walk Into a Modern Factory … | Matt Vidal

10) The Tyranny of Leveled Workplaces | William Attwood-Charles and Juliet B. Schor

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