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These are tough times to be an unemployed job seeker.   During in-depth interviews job seekers frequently tell me that applying for jobs “feels like you’re applying to a black hole.”  Understandably so: Job seekers may submit hundreds of applications electronically without receiving a single acknowledgement.  They often suspect that nobody even looks at their resumes.

In these dark times, job seekers who turn to support organizations or advice books often learn of a new “solution,” a technology that (in the words of one employment counselor) “has revolutionized job searching.”    The technology is social media, and specifically social networking sites (SNS), such as LinkedIn. Support organizations across the U.S., including state-run “One Stop” centers, are now offering trainings to job seekers on how to use SNS platforms like LinkedIn.  The mantra I hear at these trainings is that “if you are not on LinkedIn you are invisible.”  The message resonates with job seekers.

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