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  1. Marty said:

    There are two issues here as I see it.

    First the issue is that what we post in our network should be for the people we intend. Thus if you post on Facebook and set it to publish only to your friend, then being forced to show your personal information is definitely an invasion of privacy. I don’t care if you are an adult applying for a job or a child in school. No one has the right to force you to give up your privacy.

    The second issue however is just as troubling. People post on social networks without regard for the personal information that they are posting. People don’t understand privacy settings and many fail to understand the ramifications of opening up their personal lives to strangers. We’ve written about this recently at http://www.privateproxysoftware.com/Blog/protecting-personal-information/your-personal-information-holds-your-privacy

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